Quickfire questions with Ed Aczel

Ed Aczel is an anti-comedy, cult hero, cracking up audiences one faltering moment at a time. Get to know what makes him tick with our Q&A ahead of his show on Friday 9 June. Featuring swimming pools, Stuart Lee and buckled alloys.

To someone who doesn’t know your work, how would you describe what you do?

Someone came up to me at a gig recently – and described what I do as actively talking nonsense but in an original way, which is a fair assessment – I like to think what I’m trying to do is somehow trying to say something philosophical – but failing miserably.

I tend to have inherited the tag “shambolic” – which I hope I manage to achieve… If nothing else, it’s a mess…

What should people expect from your performance?

I hope people laugh a lot, and there are a few moments when things feel a bit mad… or at least that’s the plan (unless anyone else has any other suggestions?)…

Who has had the biggest impact on your career?

I’ve developed a sort of tunnel vision – where I avoid almost every other comedian – for two reasons – firstly to plough my own furrow and secondly not to feel too inadequate.

I admire Daniel Kitson and Stewart Lee very much – but I would say neither of them are similar to me.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Some of my Edinburgh shows have been great – it’s like writing a new album each time.

It’s hard to rate them looking back – but winning the Malcolm Hardee Award was a great feeling…

What’s your most embarrassing moment as a performer?

I once did a gig in a swimming pool – I was in the pool – and the audience (of about five) were watching on the side of the pool.

What’s your most memorable moment on tour?


I did a lovely gig in Cornwall – a kind of hippy haven on an old army base, my uncle came for the first time to see me – it was a great evening.


I got 6 points on my license last year and buckled an alloy wheel.

What does Wales/Cardiff mean to you?

I’ve worked a lot in Wales over the last few years and audiences have always been open minded and fun.

It’s very much a place I look forward to going to – unlike East Anglia.

What should we look out for from you in the coming months?

I am working on a new Edinburgh show – and hope to be touring again afterwards

I’ve also been in a Hollywood film called “The Favourite” and a new Channel 4 sitcom called “Lee and Dean” this year.