Quickfire questions with Joe Stilgoe

Joe Stilgoe bowls into ffresh at the Centre on Friday 26 May with his captivating, soundtrack-inspired musical extravaganza, ‘Songs on Film’.

We had a quick Q&A session with Joe to find out a little more about his career and what to look forward to on Friday.

To someone who doesn’t know your work, how would you describe what you do?

I’m a jazz musician – pianist and singer. I write songs and I perform all over the world, in concert halls with orchestras and jazz clubs with amazing young musicians. I try to bring an element of theatre to the jazz world.

What should people expect from your performance?

My shows bring in all kinds of influences and often we say it’s jazz for people who don’t like jazz (and those that do, of course). This show – Songs On Film has jazz elements but really it’s a celebration of all kinds of the best film music, played by a great band of jazz musicians.

Who has had the biggest impact on your career?

Nat King Cole.

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

Performing as Joey Powell every night for 4 months in ‘High Society’ at the Old Vic in 2015; also the year I become a Dad.

What’s your most embarrassing moment as a performer?

Asking Kevin Spacey if he was wearing golf shoes.

What’s your most memorable moment on tour?

Probably playing a packed-out show in the concert hall in Southampton where I studied music, 15 years after I left. (And devising a pioneering game backstage involving those small milk capsules and a fruit bowl.)

What does Wales/Cardiff mean to you?

I love Wales, but particularly Cardiff as my grandmother was born and grew up there. A love of music was instilled in me early on, and I’ve always been so happy playing in Wales – it’s a country with a love of music.

What should we look out for from you in the coming months?

I’m writing three theatre shows – all different- one for families, one about time travel and the other a jazz dance show featuring a gospel choir. Don’t know how I’m going to do it… I’m also doing lots of gigs and festivals over the summer and we’re recording a Christmas album. In August.